the button story

a story of love, loss and healing


I love to sew, and have been making fabric creations for as long as I can remember. If it was your birthday or anniversary, you were sure to get a unique handmade fabric item from me!

Although my formal training was in graphic design and ceramics, I searched retail shops for the most interesting buttons I could find, but really longed to complete my designs with handmade ceramic ones.

Little did I know that day was not far away, and that my life would change forever.

Jay, my 25 year old son was diagnosed with malignant sarcoma in June of 2010. He had given up his independent life and the pursuit of a master’s degree to live with us so we could care for him during his chemotherapy treatments. In the evenings, we would come into my sewing room and chat. I used to show him my creations, and one day he said, “Mom, why don’t you make the buttons?”

We had such hope for Jay’s recovery, but we lost him early December of the same year. My world was forever changed, and my heart broken. It was in that brokenness that I heard that healing from grief is not the process of forgetting, but the process of remembering with less pain, and more joy.

That discovery brought me where I am today. I am remembering my son through the creation of the buttons. Each button has Jay’s initials on the back. As I carefully craft each one, I connect once again, with joy.

I am committed to my art in a new and exciting way; moving forward to bring quality batik fabric and handmade ceramic buttons together in a product line I call “Cute as a Button."

Thank you, my beloved son for the gift of the buttons. They have turned my pain into purpose.